Friday, January 22, 2010


The documentary “TITOS - a poet in precarious balance” is a film directed and produced by Nikos Chrisikakis about TitosPatrikios, which was no easy task, as it had to strike a balance between his many faces: poet, author, translator, ideologist, activist, yet ever the cosmopolitan flâneur.
For 18 months we accompanied him, recording his life review through stories,contemplations and thoughts, as well as a critical sketch of his era. Titos is 83 years old and lives in Athens.

Script, Direction, Photography Nikos Chrisikakis •
Research, Interviews Yiannis Baskozos •
Editing Kosmas Filiousis •
Music Costas Pantelidis •
2nd camera Dimosthenis Kourtoglou •
Sound Thanasis Sgantzos, Nikos Papathanasiou •
Post Production Studio Pixel •
English Translation Alexandros Baskozos •
Artwork Antonis Glikos•

Production © 2010 Nikos Chrisikakis

***This film is the result of hard work. Without the commitment and creative ability of our team nothing would have happened. At the beginning it was an idea I shared with Yiannis Baskozos. Yet the film was completed only because Titos trusted our spirit.

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  1. cool nikos, i hope you could climb all awards dude,w8ing to see it a.s.a.p